Introducing Operation Hitch

Hi, my name is Matt. I’m a thirty year old developer and I like to help out when I can. So when some friends who where getting married asked me to make a wedding site for them I gladly did. It was a small site containing their wedding info and online RSVP. Apparently me and my friends have reached a certain point in life where we (they) would like to get married because this year I’m going to 7 weddings. It made me realise that the site I made could help more people down the aisle, so to speak. I made the small site reusable and started adding more features to try and cover the whole spectrum of wedding planning. This is how Operation Hitch started out.

This entire site exists to help you and your partner plan your big day. You and those you wish can access your plans from anywhere at any time. Operation Hitch also helps you create a personal wedding page to communicate all and any details of the wedding with your guests.

I’m continuing to develop Operation Hitch and there will be more exciting features coming soon that will make wedding planning easier for the both of you.

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Here are some more details about how Operation Hitch can help with planning your wedding.

Prepare your guest list

Assemble your dream team guest list together! The online list lets you add guests whenever they pop into mind and not get lost on a paper note. Create digital invites with your guests’ contact details which can be arranged into groups, for example ‘Bride’s family’ or ‘Groom’s friends’.

Send a ‘save the date’ email

Operation Hitch save the date preview screenshot Notify your guests when your big day is taking place via a simple tasteful email. Operation Hitch can send a ‘save the date’ email to different groups, so you can send it to your most important guests first. The ‘save the date’ email also asks invitees to confirm their postal address so you can make sure you send your invite to the right place.

Send a ‘e-invite’ email and collect RSVPs

Send customised digital invites and collect RSVPs from your guests. All emails sent are trackable so you can see who’s receieved them.

Plan your budget

Operation Hitch budget screenshot

Set your budget and then add items of expense. Each item can track the estimated cost and the actual cost when the bills are paid. All the time a running total of your budget and actual money spent is displayed so you can keep an eye on where the money’s going.

Make a wedding day information page

Minimize risks of anyone turning up late by having an up-to-date info page available. If you have a multi-location wedding, it can include a map and directions for each location during the day so no one gets lost, schedules, accommodation, who’s acting toast master, and common Q&A’s.