7 tips for planning your wedding guest list

You’ve got engaged, now the reality hits that you’ve got a wedding to plan. It can feel like an impossible task, especially when it comes to knowing where to start. First, agree on a rough budget, then start with your guest list, it’s an essential thing to get right and will help you make other important decisions about your wedding day. It’s really simple to use Operation Hitch to plan your guest list, but here are some extra tips to help you along the way.

Don’t worry about the politics

First off, don’t waste time worrying about how certain people might feel if they are invited or not. In general, most people understand that a modern wedding is a costly affair and that you won’t be able to accommodate everyone unless you’ve got an unlimited budget.

Decide if you’re inviting children

Guests will understand if you can’t (or don’t want to) accommodate their children. Some may even enjoy the excuse to get a babysitter and let their hair down. Whatever you decide, make sure you make it clear on your invites so there’s no confusion.

Start with your most important people first

Always start with your immediate family, the wedding party and their partners. Then move onto your close friends any extended family, then work colleagues etc.

Create your ideal list, including nice to haves

Start with a big list and whittle it down later to fit budget or venue constraints. Group guests into ‘musts’ and ‘maybes’ to help decide those you really can’t cut off the list.

Don’t be afraid to be ruthless

Haven’t seen someone in years? Never met a friends partner? Don’t feel obliged to invite them, it’s your big day, invite the people who mean something to you and your partner.

Collaborate with your partner

It’s a day for both of you, so collaborate and create a list that draws from the closest people to each of you. It’s not a competition, however, so try not to get caught up in who’s inviting the most guests.

Can you accommodate evening guests?

If your venue is tucked away in the Scottish Highlands, miles from anywhere, then guests might not be willing to travel a long way just for an evening. However, if the venue is easy to get to and near accommodation then consider inviting guests just in the evening to reduce the squeeze on your budget.

Once you’ve got a provisional list with your ‘musts’ and ‘maybes’ see if that fits in with your budget and venue choice. Some venues will operate on a per head basis so you can quickly work out the approximate cost.

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